Revelations China is a major event in fine crafts, also acting as the world expo of the sector. The best designers and material artists from around the world cames how cased their original and unpublished works.

Revelations China’s attractiveness generates a unique environment and offers all the necessary conditions for economic and cultural exchange between all stakeholders in international creation.

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Ghizlane Sahli, Révélations 2022, Paris
©Maison des Métiers d'Art, Morocco

Revelations China is a place where high hand craft meets its market. The biennal’s singularity: collectors and collectors’ club, byers, interior designers, auction houses, art foundations, architects, decorators,… all come to engage in quality dialogue with artists of the materiality. The resulting synergy enables all participants to sell and buy artworks, to develop bespoke projects and to seal new business relations and cooperations.

Révélations, Grand Palais éphémère, Paris, 2022
©Alex Gallosi

Revelations China will attract galleries, auction houses, art foundations and collectors' organizations. Buyers and interior designers will also be looking for bespoke projects, inspiration and cooperation on this global platform.

Why exhibit

Saar Scheerlings
©Luuk Den Hartog

Revelations China is the leading gathering for fine craft and creation professionals

Taking part in an event in the heart of Beijing is a way to assert the exceptional expertise, excellence and creativity of your workshop, manufacture or brand, in Asia.


Revelations China: a large-scale economic event

Creators, workshops, manufactures, luxury houses, galleries: encounter the leaders of your market (collectors, architects, designers, decorators, museums, etc.).

Meet new clients, generate new orders, raise awareness among prescribers, expand your business and partnership network, plan projects, and strengthen relations with your usual clientele.

Revelations China is a powerful vector for your image in Asia

Enjoy a far-reaching communication campaign (display advertising, press relations, publicity, and media partnerships) aimed at a specialised target audience, and appear on the official communication supports of the biennial.

As a fair of reference for the decision-makers and prescribers of the field, REVELATIONS CHINA is committed to supporting its exhibitors by guaranteeing a well-targeted visitor base, particularly through the organisation of guided visits for collectors and professionals of the sector.


How to exhibit

Who can apply
King Houndekpinkou
©ADAGP, Paris, 2023

All practitioners in the craft, design and creative sectors are invited to apply:

Makers, artists of the materiality, manufactures, institutions, galleries, training centers and schools, cultural organisations and enterprises, governmental operators, foundations.


The Artistic Steering Committee ensures a sharp selection of exhibitors and guarantees that each piece reveals a high level of expertise as well as a remarkable artistic approach.
Selection criteria: work resulting from a transformation of the matter by a know-how and entirely made in the workshop, original or small series, artistic value, contemporaneity.

Soledad Christie Browne

All stands are equipped with:

- White painted partition wall H3.50m
- Stiffeners according to depth (contact us)
- Sign on one side
- Spotlights
- Electrical power (electric box or socket)

Three types of stand (18sqm minimum):

- Individual
- Shared (6 sq meters minimum per exhibitor)
- Collective (6 sq meters minimum per exhibitor)

450 per sqm² before tax


Romain Juilha
Overseas Commissioner