"Boasting a history spanning over 3,000 years, with more than 860 years serving as the capital of China, Beijing is a repository of intangible cultural heritage epitomized by the "Eight Wonders of Yanjing." It serves as the epicenter of craftsmanship in northern China, where skilled artisans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to exchange expertise with peers from around the world. Beijing Design Week endeavors to unite global artisans through its collaboration with Revelations China, perpetuating the ancient tradition of hand-to-hand craftsmanship that has endured for millennia, while collectively embracing a shared future."

Yudong WANG
President of Beijing Design Week
Co-President of Revelations China


Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, the world-famous ancient capital and modern international city, is the political, cultural, economic and financial decision-making and management centre of the country, as well as a major town for the exchange and development of art and design.

Artists and designers converge in Beijing to combine the innovative development of art with the people's needs for a better life, further promoting the development of related industries with high quality, refinement and branding.

Beijing Design Week

Launched in 2009, Beijing Design Week is an international creative/design event co- hosted by Beijing Municipal government and the Ministry of Culture. It is an important platform for China to integrate its design sector with relevant industries.

Beijing Design Week takes place every year at the end of September and throughout the October national holiday with a unique series of initiatives held in various cultural landmark venues, district venues in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei regional sub-venues, and featured sites recognised by the BJDW Organizing Committee.

While driving up the amount of contracted transactions, relevant purchasing and investment, Beijing Design Week has also become a hub where creative minds from around the globe gather to share and exchange ideas and projects.

©Beijing Design Week
©Beijing Design Week

National Agricultural Exhibition Center

The National Agricultural Exhibition Center was built in 1959, one of Beijing's 10 landmark architecture at the time, its location, planning and design were all seen through by the Premier then. There were more than 1400 international and national exhibitions of all industries held in the center since its opening, one of the most credited exhibition centers nationally.

The Exhibition Center is conveniently located at the center of CBD, East Third Ring Road, with easy access from public transportation, closely connected to some of the most lively business circles in Beijing.

It covers an area of 52 hectares and consists of 10 buildings whose architectural design combined contemporary and traditional Chinese elements, over a total building area of 25000 sqm.

For its first edition, Revelations China covers the marketable area of 1200 m².